3 Rules :



◊ Every creation is based on the isometric grid.


◊ Every creation is based on black and White and 19 shades of grey.


◊ Every creation is based on a structure where every units are a multiple of the number 5.





Since he graduated in architecture and product design, study of transversality between arts and design has been the center of Jean-Charles Kien questionings as he kept practicing art over the years.


Evolution of the status of objects, position of the artist with regards to his work or even common grounds and differences between products and work of art are recurring topics of his work.


His artistic proposals are evolving around concepts that are extremely normalized. The aim is to find balance and harmony through a preset creation system where a very precise and strict statement of work is applied to all of his work, defining rules to be used for the structure, proportions or even colors.

In addition to these three fundamentals more rules are added specifically to each piece of work.


The aesthetics stemming from this dogma are minimalist, geometric and close to the philosophy of the Concret movement. All is black and white and/or with shades of grey, the paintings, the installations or the sculpture coming out of it require rigor and precision.




This proposal is the result that reflection.